Efoy Comfort

Keep your fuel cell up to date!

We are continuously working on improving our fuel cells.
Take advantage of the most recent developments and keep your fuel cell up to date with our free firmware update.
The EFOY is easily updated, without complications.

Recommended firmware status (03/2019):
EFOY series: 4.12, 5.12, 6.08, 8.06, 9.27, 11.13 or higher.
EFOY COMFORT series: 15.15 or higher.

If you have an older firmware please request the EFOY-Updater for free or ask your EFOY dealer.
After having successfully updated your unit, we kindly ask you to return the EFOY Updater in the enclosed stamped, self addressed envelope. Failure to return the EFOY Updater within a period of 4 weeks will incur a charge of 50 Euros.

You find the actual firmware status of your fuel cell on your operating panel. Read more about the how to within the instruction guideline of your fuel cell.

The user manual on how to do the update will be send together with your updater.


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