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New EFOY COMFORT fuel cell wins iF product design award 2012

  • EFOY COMFORT honored for excellent design
  • Winner in the Leisure/Lifestyle category


Trans-Tasman Row 2011 – EFOY COMFORT 140 powers Devices on Board

How did the first settlers cross the Tasman Sea to reach New Zealand? This question got the four-man rowing Team Gallagher to start their bid to become the first New Zealand team to cross the Tasman by oar power.
The challenge, that started on November 27, requires the team to complete some half a million strokes over 1,400 nautical miles (2,500km) – using the iconic harbour bridges of Sydney and Auckland as the start and finish lines. And even if pure rowing power has remained the same since the olden days, today the boat has an array of electrical gadgetry onboard. Each one is vital in its own way and is used at different periods to ensure safety and communication. This items are e.g. Lights, Autopilot, Speedometer, Fleet Broadband System (FBB), Laptop ,SeeMe Radar, Reflector Watermaker and Video cameras. But how to provide power on a row boat without engine?

For Team Gallagher, generating power on board of their boat Moana for the Trans-Tasman row was a six-month learning and evaluation process which ended with invaluable support from EFOY.

The EFOY COMFORT 140 model the Moana is using, the mid performance class in the EFOY fuel cell range, generates a staggering 140 amp hours each day – fully automatically, silently and environmentally friendly. An additional benefit is the leight weight: the EFOY weighs only 7.5 kg. Fuel for the complete trip comes from 3 M10 (10 litre) EFOY fuel cartridges which provide an enormous amount of valuable energy at a low weight.

The EFOY Team wishes a great and successful trip. Special thanks to Kevin Newton (RV supplies) who has organized everything on-site, like the integration of the EFOY and the transport of the fuel cell to Sydney.

EFOY fuel cell wins IBEX Innovation Award 2011

  • EFOY as a green solution to providing on board power for sail boats
  • Award by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) recognizes the most innovative marine products being introduced to the US industry


New fuel cell generation EFOY COMFORT wins f-cell award Bronze

  • Award honours outstanding developments in the field of fuel cell technology
  • EFOY COMFORT wins award for an even more powerful, even quieter and more user-friendly mode of operation


New fuel cell generation EFOY COMFORT sets milestones in the motor home market

  • EFOY COMFORT enjoys very good market launch
  • Customers appreciate additional convenience and extremely quiet operation


EFOY COMFORT website now available in Dutch and in Scandinavian languages

SFC leisure website is from now on available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Dutch

With EFOY COMFORT SFC introduces a new fuel cell generation to the international market

EFOY COMFORT now available in three performance classes replaces the previous EFOY fuel cell series for the leisure market.