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SFC launches innovative myEFOY control via EFOY app

On the occasion of the EFOY fuel cell’s 10th anniversary, SFC Energy, launches the new myEFOY function of the EFOY app for easy control of the EFOY COMFORT fuel cell via smartphone or tablet at Caravan Salon Duesseldorf.

The app features a clear overview of important fuel cell, cartridge, and battery data on one single page. Additional technical information on fuel cell, cartridge and battery is presented and explained in detail on individual pages. Interesting statistical data, e.g. daily fuel consumption or average fuel cell operating time, is shown in clear symbols. The new app also features detailed visual and text explanations on how to exchange the fuel cartridge or what to do in case of malfunction.

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Our 3rd guided company tour in Brunnthal was a huge success

This year we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of our brand EFOY. Therefore we organize free guided company tours on a regular basis.

Last week many visitors joined our 3rd free guided company tour at our production site in Brunnthal. Our visitors learned about the fuel cell’s construction and experienced life our strict product inspections to guarantee the high quality standards of our fuel cells.

You would like to see where our EFOY fuel cells are produced?

Next dates:

  • Friday, 7. Oct. 2016 (10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.)
  • Friday, 25. Nov. 2016 (10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.)
  • Take the chance and visit one of our last two guided company tours this year, regardless as to whether you come alone or in a group. We are looking forward to your visit.

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    Gilles Lamiré is ready for the 9th Transat Québec Saint-Malo

    After his success at "the Transat Bakerly" Gilles Lamiré will do his best again to participate successfully in the 9th edition of the Transat Québec Saint-Malo. For empowering his two EFOY COMFORT 210 Gilles visited our dealer in Quebec to get his M10. Special thanks to Patrice from Boulet Lemelin and our Canadian partner Western Marine Company for their support!! Fair winds for Gilles and all the other sailors!

    Transat Québec Saint-Malo Website

    SFC guided company tour

    You would like to see where our EFOY fuel cells are produced? This year we’re celebrating our 10 year EFOY anniversary and would like invite you to join our free guided company tour at our production site in Brunnthal near Munich. We are looking forward to your visit regardless as to whether you come alone or in a group.

    What can you expect from our company tour?
    We will provide you with a comprehensive insight behind the scenes. After a little snack you will have a tour of our production line and R&D. Learn more about the fuel cell’s construction and experience the exciting tests the fuel cells pass through in order to reach our highest quality standards. Take the chance and to ask our EFOY team any questions you may have.


  • Tuesday, 10.05.16 – 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.
  • Friday, 15.07.16 – 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.
  • Friday, 07.10.16 – 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.
  • Friday, 25.11.16 – 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.
  • We looking forward to your visit!

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    SFC Energy enters Cooperative Venture With Solar Stik™, Inc. To Broaden Markets

    SFC Energy and Solar Stik™, Inc., a U.S. based leader in the portable power industry, entered the first phase of a multi-phase, cooperative venture with Solar Stik providing collaborative support at its Florida-based headquarters for SFC Energy to better serve its North American customers.

    The collaboration allows SFC Energy to service its fuel cell products at Solar Stik’s St. Augustine facility. During the first phase of the venture, Solar Stik team members will assist SFC Energy in logistics, service, and inventory support. “As fuel cell technologies are rapidly maturing, this alignment of Solar Stik and SFC Energy will position both companies to take advantage of each other’s strategic positions in the field of application,” explained Brian Bosley, CEO of Solar Stik. Both Solar Stik and SFC Energy have complimentary capabilities and both service similar customers in the portable power market space.

    “Solar Stik and SFC Energy are a perfect match. Our U.S. based customers will appreciate the very high level of service and expertise that Solar Stik is known for industry wide. In addition, we will jointly design and manufacture energy solutions for the US market using SFC Energy’s fuel cell products and Solar Stik system integration know-how for our joint customer base,” said Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy.”

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    Thermoprodukter AB is new official distributor for the Swedish caravan segment

    SFC Energy today announced a new stage in their proven partnership with Thermoprodukter AB, Kalmar, Sweden. Thermoprodukter AB, Swedish market leader for marine and caravan technical equipment, has been successfully selling SFC Energy’s EFOY fuel cells to Swedish boat owners and operators for nine years. Thermoprodukter AB operates an established network of dealers throughout Sweden, where consumers can buy the full range of SFC Energy’s products including EFOY fuel cartridges.

    Building on the EFOY COMFORT’s success in the boating segment Thermoprodukter AB have now expanded their offering to present the full range of EFOY COMFORT fuel cells and EFOY GO! to the entire Swedish consumer market, thus also addressing the attractive Swedish motor home market.

    “We are excited about taking our partnership with SFC Energy to the next level”, says Anders Stenvinkel, managing director of Thermoprodukter AB. “We have experienced the power and benefits of the EFOY COMFORT in many years of marine use. Now we are really looking forward to bring this reliable, convenient power generator also to mobile home owners in Sweden with our proven speed, service and convenience.”

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    The winners have been drawn!

    The winners of our competition are identified and we sincerely congratulate Peter HERR and Monika Andres to 2,000 Euro reimbursement. We also congratulate the lucky winner, Isabelle Le Boulanger, of the 1,000 Euro reimbursement. All winners will be notified in writing.

    We would like to thank all participants for their participation. Please enjoy many energized hours with your new EFOY COMFORT.

    New firmware released – update now!

    The new firmware 15.12 is available! Take advantage of the most recent developments and keep your fuel cell up to date with our free firmware update.

    What’s new in firmware version 15.12 ?

    1. Duration of the charging cycles

    From firmware version 15.12 onwards, the average duration of the charging cycles is measured (i.e. the time that your EFOY COMFORT charges your battery). This information is displayed on the second page of the menu „Info screen“. This feature shows you whether the EFOY COMFORT is being used optimally, because it is recommended that your EFOY COMFORT charges for at least 30 minutes (factory setting).

    If the preset minimum charging time period is not reached, following message is displayed:
    "Battery defective, too small or too old. Please check the battery and contact EFOY-Hotline or service@sfc.com."

    The on-board electrical system including the battery should be tested. The EFOY COMFORT has measured charging cycles which were too short. This is an indication of a defective, too old or too small battery. The battery parameters may also need to be reviewed. We recommend to contact a local dealer to check the electrical system and in particular the performance of the battery. Charging cycles which are too short can damage the EFOY COMFORT fuel cell.

    2. Connection to the EFOY GO!

    The latest addition to the EFOY Family, the EFOY GO!, is a mobile power device with lithium battery and inverter. The EFOY GO! is a plug & play power source. The new firmware allows you, if you use an EFOY COMFORT in combination with an EFOY GO!, to select the battery type “EFOY GO!” accordingly.

    More information and how you can adapt the factory settings to your needs are described in chapter “3.7.3. Expert menu” in the new user manual.

    Order your free updater!

    Info sheet firmware 15.12

    New user manual

    Le Roux und Pedote win Transat Jacques VABRE with EFOY COMFORT on board

    The winners of the most important transatlantic regatta have been identified. We congratulate Giancarlo Pedote and Erwan LE ROUX to their great success in the discipline of Multi 50. This 16 day journey from Le Havre (France) to Itajaí (Brazil) on board of the FenêtréA Prysmian could not have been successful without the EFOY COMFORT as the most reliable power source.

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    EFOY GO! mobile power for outdoor activities now available in retail shops and online

    SFC Energy announces the official sales launch of the new EFOY GO!. The lightweight power pack to go (5.8 kg/ 12.8 lbs) was developed to deliver easy, convenient power away from the grid. On tour with a van, tent, boat, caravan or in a hunting or fishing cabin the mobile socket will provide plug & play power everywhere to all kinds of mobile devices.

    Customers can now buy EFOY GO! at caravanning retailers or online in SFC Energy’s new EFOY web shop (www.efoy-shop.com) at a recommended retail price of EUR 899. The new power source integrates latest state of the art lithium battery technology, a 400 W inverter and comprehensive user feedback: EFOY GO! was extensively tested by experienced outdoor and caravanning specialists in difficult application scenarios and has proven its high usability, resilience and robustness.

    “The times of heavy battery packs are over”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “Our EFOY GO! is a lightweight, innovative, highly flexible off-grid power source for a wide target group of users. It is very easy to use, can be taken along anywhere and is always ready to use. EFOY GO! is the first product in our new portfolio of intelligent, easy to use, mobile back-up power solutions.”
    Additional information on EFOY GO! at www.efoy-go.com. More information on SFC Energy and the company’s portfolio for consumer applications at www.sfc.com and www.efoy-comfort.com.

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