EFOY COMFORT on board: Video

Efoy Comfort

Simply compact

Whether it is in the cockpit locker, under the seats,in the stern or side compartment, your EFOY dealer will always help you find the right place for your EFOY COMFORT. That is so easy thanks to the compact design and low weight. Some yacht builders already supply the EFOY COMFORT from the factory.

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Efoy Comfort

Very simple to operate

The high-quality and user-friendly operating panel is installed inside your mobile home, boat or cabin. On it, you will find all the key information clearly arranged, even the fuel cartridge’s fill level. It is simplicity at its best.

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  • Observe the operating and installation instructions.
  • Always ensure that the device is sufficiently ventilated.
  • Only use genuine EFOY COMFORT accessories and EFOY fuel cartridges to ensure that the chemical reaction can take place and the device will not be damaged.

We recommend that you have the EFOY COMFORT installed by an authorized EFOY dealer.

Efoy Comfort

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Efoy Comfort

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Efoy Comfort

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